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+33 (0) 6 74 45 82 08

52 rue de Fécamp 75012 Paris

Murex / FXMM Consultant






Engineer in computer science Polytechnique Nantes


IT bachelor University of Nantes


Mathematics Degree University of Nantes


Science high school degree – Descartes high school, Rabat, Morocco.







Front: FX Cash (Spot / Swap / Fwd)

FX Options (Vanillas / Accumulators, Barriers)

Booking deals.


Middle: Market Data / Static Data / Swap Points / Volatility / Rates / Deal Pricing / Stress Tests


Back: Accounting rules and events reporting, Swifts / Payments / Confirmations


Booking platforms (Reuters, EBS, LBN…)

Management and Accounting

Risk / PNL / Greeks / Margins





Murex 2 Front to Back: RTI Cache (real time), MReports, Consistency Rules, Accounting Rules, Data Publisher, Flex Products, Workflow, EAWE communication module and eTradePad


Murex 3 Front: RTBS (real time), Feeders, DataMart, Dynamic tables, Batches of reports, processing scripts, MXML exchange, Contract WF, One Stop Processing.


Common: Market Data (sets and subsets), Services, Launchers, Monitoring, Administration, binaries, End of days.


Overview of new products integration and F2B management.





Shell, Awk, Object Oriented Languages

Web & Multimedia: HTML, PHP




SGBD: Sybase, Oracle, SQL Server



Collaborative tools and environments


Quality Center / NetBeans, Eclipse

SharePoint, SVN, CVS, Microsoft Office


Operating Systems / Tools


Windows, Solaris SPARC, Linux, Mac.

Tools: VMware, SOAP UI, Putty, Cygwin.





Fluent (TOEIC: 915/990)











Planning, coordination and project management

IT Architecture

Recruitment / Trainings

Users Support

Marketing and Creativity Technics

Identity Management



Professional experience

01/2011 – 12/2011

Natixis CIB / Murex FX-Options Projects

FX-Options projects


In the« Murex FX-Options Project » team, in addition to accompanying the support team on certain projects, I mainly worked on Murex 2.11, “front to back” software dedicated to foreign exchange options. In charge of projects from the study phase and functional specifications to the production installation phase.


Carried out many tasks, following is a general listing :

·         Establishment of a Middle Office team.

o    Addition of a dedicated validation status.

o    Integration in all reports.

o    Impact on validation rules.

o    Confirmations, Payments, Tickets and Swifts modifications.

o    Middle Office reports creation.

·         Integration of a new product «Free Packages» in Murex.

o    Enabling the functionality.

o    Specifying the business need with the MOA.

o    Establishment of a Set of tests with different types and market operations.

o    Design of treatments to manage events on Free P.

o    Workflow implementations: Gateways, Confirmations, Payments and Tickets.

·         Integration of new products Flex « European Forward Accumulators »

o    Adding the new « FwdAccEU » typology.

o    Accounting rules management.

o    Modifying the existing reports to include the new product.

o    Modifying the gateways for confirmations, swifts, payments and tickets.

o    « FwdAcc » stock migration to « FwdAccEU » via deal insertion / portfolio reallocation.

o    Migration of the associated Swaps (early take ups).

o    Creation of specific reporting for Back and Front office.

·         Project for the compliance team: Alerts depending on counterparts used while inserting deals.

o    Update of counterpart status in Murex when changed in the referential.

o    Implementation of all the consistency rules needed for warnings and alerts.

o    Development of new daily reports for the compliance.

·         Feasibility study for using counterpart netting instead of deal netting in Murex using UDF.


Environment & Skills

Murex 2: Accounting rules, Data Publisher, WF, User Definable Fields, Reports, Dynamic tables, Unions, Filters.

Quality Center, Unix, Shell, Windows SQL Management Studio, MQ, Putty.

08/2008 – 12/2010

Natixis CIB / Murex FXMM support team

FXMM Support


In the Murex support team. Responsible for the application and users support for any technical problem or functional issue. Worked on Murex 3 Front for FX Cash products and Murex 2 Front to Back for FX Option products. Here are few of the projects I worked on:


·         Murex 3 Migrations and implementation of EOD batches using Control M / Shell.

·         Murex 2 Upgrades.

·         Regression testing.

·         Libraries installation and implementation of a transparent delivery process: No session’s impact.

·         Performances tests / Benchmarking.

·         Implementation of a Disaster Recovery Plan: functional and technical application tests.

·         Users auditing.

·         Implementation of a BI OLAP Cube using SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services).

·         Implementation of SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) packages for reports comparison.

·         Stress Tests implementation: Scenarios / Calculations / Reporting

·         Users Support

o    Bugs detection: users, databases or network errors, coding bugs, conception errors.

o    Bug fixing: via quick workaround or new development.

·         Performances improvement via shell, SQL coding or modifying the application’s settings.

·         Writing production installation procedures.

·         Upstream and downstream communication and interaction depending on problems and projects.


Environment & Skills

Murex 2: Real time (RTI), M-Reports, Workflow, Confirmation, Payments, Swifts, Tickets, Options

Murex 3: Real time (RTBS), Feeders, DataMart, Dynamic tables, Batches of reports, processing scripts, MXML exchange, Contracts WF, One Stop Processing

Common: Market Data, Services / Launchers / Monitoring / Administration.

Quality Center, Control-M, Visio, Shell, SQL Management Studio, MQ Explorer.


02/2008 – 06/2008

CAPGEMINI Telecom & Media

Design Engineer


Responsible for design and developments of identity management.
Intervened on different project phases and customer support at 1-3 levels.

My work consisted of the following :

·         Launching Project: Design and provision of solutions, Writing, Workshops.

·         Developments

·         Packaging

·         Deployment

·         Installations on Windows et Solaris SPARC

·         Writing Specifications and manuals

·         Participation in response to tenders

·         Development of use cases and storyboards.



Java/J2EE, JSP, UML, Visio, Shell, Solaris Sparc 10, Windows 2003 Server, VMware Server, SQL server 2000 and 2005, Eclipse, Services Web et messages SOAP, Application servers (JBoss and Weblogic 9.2), Putty, Cygwin.

09/2007 – 01/2008





·       Developed a Java program to classify proteins using specific motifs.

·       R&D project management in four phases: Bibliography, Design, Development and Delivery.

·       Followed-up weekly meetings with the client.



Java, UML

06/2007 – 09/2007

3wDev SARL – Communication & Web Agency

Project Manager


Led an internal project: A web based application for bank accounts, clients and projects.


In this project I was responsible for :

·         Team management

·         Client support

·         Writing of functional specifications

·         Writing of technical specifications

·         Developments

·         Deployment and tests


The application is still used in the company as an intranet and it is the main application to manage bank accounts, clients and projects.

I also participated in other company projects and updated the main company portal ( and added the daily news using their content management system.




10/2006 – 06/2007

ACRIE – Business Intelligence Company




·        Developed of an online version of e-Learning software.

·        Worked on reverse engineering on a Flash and XML based application

·        Managed projects in four phases: Bibliography, Design, Development and Delivery

·        Followed-up meetings with clients to help determine their needs and bring viable solutions.



06/2006 – 07/2006


Design Engineer


Participated in the following tasks :

·        Users support / Help Desk

·        Hardware installations

·        Network administration: Switches, VLANs, Routers, Modems, Firewalls, etc.

·        Database administration: on AIX and installation of Oracle Application Server



Unix, Windows, Routers Cisco, Modems Motorola